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SpaltFix K-Vario
The variable split cutter
The more efficient splitting system of the K-Vario ensures considerably lower energy consumption and so produces fine billets of the desired length in a profitable manner. Whole logs with a thickness of up to 25.6 inches are easily and carefully passed on to the PowerCut cutting device. The rest of the splitting process is done automatically.
17.64 t
splitting power max.
25.6 in
Log ∅ max.
60 billets
per work cycle max.
SpaltFix K-Vario Overview
The SpaltFix K-600 | K-650 Vario
As required, it produces billets with an edge length between 2 and 6 in that can be produced in single varieties for different customer groups. Suitable cleaning and packing solutions for the K-Vario continuously ensure better results for wood quality and so for your overall profitability. The combination of PowerCut and AutoSplit creates a unit that promises more efficiency and so also more profit. In that way, optimum use can be made of logs with an initially high quality. Thanks to the professional hydraulic system with high-grade components, the SpaltFix ensures smooth and consistent top performance in continuous operation.
SpaltFix K-650 Vario: More Power With Electronic Control
The fully automatic AutoSplit is controlled in user-friendly way with the integrated control via the touch screen. The edge length of 5 to 15 cm can be steplessly adjusted easily and quickly. Thanks to an optical sensor on the buffer conveyor, the splitting process is started automatically and stopped when there are no log sections, which increases operational safety considerably. In addition, the approximate processed timber volume is automatically calculated and displayed (only for internal use).
After sawing, the wood is split automatically
A steplessly adjustable feed determines the edge length of the billets, which are automatically split by the X-shaped splitting knife with a power of 17.64 t. The conveyor belt passes on the finished billets for cleaning and packing up.
High-Quality Firewood With Adjustable Edge Length
The simple splitting principle of the SpaltFix K-Vario produces the desired result faster and so more efficiently. You only have to take care of log feeding and sawing, and the rest of the splitting process is carried out fully automatically. The joystick control gives you control over the entire process now.
Log Charging
Packaging Up Of Billets
Drying, Storing And Delivering Firewood In The Perfect Packaging
The PackFix system is a fast and efficient solution for packing up billets and ensures fast drying of the billets produced. Thanks to the tilting table, the conveyor belt standstill is minimized and firewood production runs without interruption with the 2-drum solution.
PackFix Hydro
PackFix Hydro With Tilting Table
Charging Solutions For Large Volumes
Helps you to get even more work done. For the SpaltFix K, a wide variety of log conveyor systems can be combined with each other to create a customized solution. For mobile systems, integrated charging systems that put the log on working height are available.
Cross conveyor
The cross conveyor receives a larger number of logs. The logs are put down by means of a forklift truck or timber loading crane and made available for further processing. The logs are automatically separated from each other and so can be processed bit by bit. The optional cleaning belt transports the scrap wood underneath the cross conveyor in the right container.
Double chain conveyor
The double chain conveyor is used for log diameters over 21.6 in . The robust chain with pusher dogs slides on maintenance-free plastic guides and transports the logs. It is available in different lengths from 13 to 20 ft.
LogDeck & LogSep
The LogDeck is the ideal professional solution for very large volumes of timber. Depending on the design, up to 60 solid m³ of timber can be placed directly on the cross conveyor. The separator LogSep ensures optimum separation and transfer to the longitudinal conveyors.
Double Chain Conveyor
LogDeck & LogSep
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