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Every HydroCombi makes sure that you can split your firewood with great user friendliness everywhere. Even in forest areas that are difficult to access, you can listen to the consistent cracking of logs when the splitting knife slices through meter-long, dry beech wood with a power of up to 28.66 tons.
28.66 t Splitting power max. 683.43 lbs Weight min. 12.6 | 16.54 in/s Splitting speed | Return speed max.
HydroCombi 16 Chassis
HydroCombi Products
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Better equipment as standard
The HydroCombi is a classic that will never become outdated. Under daily tough working conditions, the sturdy design, the large hydraulic system and naturally the unique features that make work easier have proven particularly useful. The patented Fixomatic system quite easily holds a log in position. Due to the Autospeed function, the HydroCombi then selects the optimum splitting speed depending on the splitting power and so produces the desired metre-long logs quickly and precisely. In that way, the HydroCombi makes everyday work considerably easier.
Over 40 different machines of the HydroCombi family fulfill all requirements.
The hydraulic firewood splitters of POSCH belong to the most durable and value-stable machines on the market today. Once you have worked with the Fixomatic system, the tilted splitting knife with integrated rollers or the handy log lifting device, you will know exactly why.
Rope winches for the HydroCombi
Powerful rope winches are convenient aids for woodworking applications. With the new POSCH rope winches for all HydroCombis with a splitting power from 16 tons onwards, each log within up to 40 metres is pulled up to the machine without any efforts of your own, and put in the splitting position. The soft start and the gentle lowering functionalities ensure the smooth transportation of heavy logs as well. As standard, all POSCH rope winches are equipped with a hauling hook.
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