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Bundling Device
The classic for timber yards
Handy bundling devices get short and long billets ready for storage and transportation immediately and make handling easy.
Bundling Device Overview
Bundling Device Composite
Makes the handling of billets particularly easy and is the ideal addition to all wood splitters: Bundles half-meter and meter-long logs with composite band. After loading, the four standard belt guides bundle the billets into one or two bundles. The bundle of billets is safely tied up by means of the tensioning device. The tractor hydraulics lower the device, and after the locking lever has been released, the bundles can easily roll out. With a billet length of 1 m, each individual bundle has a volume of about one cubic meter.
Bundling device Fybron
This solution makes billet handling particularly convenient and price- efficient. It reduces the price for the bundling of package of billets. Pressed-yarn cord is easy to handle and environmentally friendly, a manual rope winch makes for convenient tensioning and compressing, and no other tools are necessary because of that. An insulating wooden stop panel for noise reduction during operation is included as standard. Bundling device Fybron with pressed-yarn cord is easy to handle and to dispose of.
Bundling Device
Article No.
Weight lbs.
Billets bundling device with three-point linkage cat I + II. Stop for even filling
Accessory Equipment
Article No.
Wooden stop (noise reducing)
Bundling System - Composite Band
Article No.
Composite Set Complete Including: Tensioning device Band dispenser Mobile Composite strap 19 mm wide, 2 reels of 500 m length 1,000 closing buckles galvanized
Composite Set Without Band Dispenser Including: Tensioning device Composite strap 19 mm wide, 2 reels of 500 m length 1,000 closing buckles galvanized
Bans dispenser set, see picture Fig. #1
Tensioning device (not available for band set F0002557!)
Tensioning device
Band dispenser, mobile
Composite strap 19 mm wide, 2 reels of 500 m length. Black plasticized textile strap; tailored for sharp- edged products and use at low temperates , high UV-resistance, high tear strength
Closing buckles galvanized (1,000 pc./pack) for composite strap (Z9700064)
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